Made to feel very welcome

My husband and I moved into the Apartments at Living Choice Woodcroft in April 2012 and soon found that retirement village living, while somewhat different, was as enjoyable a lifestyle as living in suburbia.

We had reached that stage of our life where it was time to consider our future.  Should we stay in our large family home with garden, all of which needed maintenance and care, or should we downsize?  A retirement village seemed to suit, with not having to worry about maintenance or gardening being a consideration. Woodcroft was near our family, friends, known medical services and shops, all of which were important to us.  So we made the big move.

Right from the beginning we were made to feel very welcome and were quickly informed of all the activities that we could be involved in, if we wished to be.  While we all live in “close quarters”, our privacy is respected and we can be as sociable, or private, as we want to be.

Being in the apartments has meant that my housework has been greatly reduced, which is a good thing, as it has left me more time to do all other things that I find more enjoyable.

Living in the apartments means that we are able to keep a neighbourly eye on each other and help when help is needed.  That is a real comfort as we can be assured that, if the need arises, we are not left alone.  All we need to do is ask and help is at hand and as we get older, that is very important.

We have made many new friends in the village and are busier now than ever before, but that is our choice.  My husband & I have found that we have more company now than when we were isolated in our suburban home and we are both enjoying a new lease on life.

Life in the village has been very good for us and we are delighted with our decision to move into a village when we did and not wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

Alice & Chris Conway


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