Our ideal retirement option

The Frost Estate, in which we live, seemed right from the start to be our ideal retirement option. And so it has turned out to be. First of all it is small. Just sixteen single-storey houses which promote neighbourliness and was not too much of a leap from our old home as it might have been if we’d gone into a village of several hundred villas and flats. And it is all on the level with a short flat walk to a good shopping centre. And if we take a small detour, the bellbirds on Kincumba Mountain are a sheer delight.

Secondly, we are shielded from the road outside by a large wireless controlled gate. This, together with security patrols and the deadlocked security doors to our house front and back, ensures protection for us and our home, even when we re away, which is a great comfort.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this is a “Living Choice” development. We live in our own modern house fitted with the latest appliances including an automatic garage door, and yet if, as we get older, we need help then it is there. We’ve seen this in action with some neighbours not so lucky in health as ourselves, who needed help with cleaning, cooking, getting to shops, doctors, hospitals etc, and all being provided promptly and at low or zero cost. We all have “Viatel” buttons in case of any health emergency and nursing staff visit us from time to time. With “Living Choice” we can expect to live out our days in our own home without worrying.

Jack and Lorna Russell

Broadwater Court

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