Sense of community admirable

In July 2014 I was interviewed by Living Choice as a long-term deposit holder and was able to express my opinion of the development then under construction and my expectations as a future resident. Both Margaret and I were impressed by the facilities, the detailed design and the understanding by Living Choice of the needs of mature age people.

We also congratulated Living Choice on fostering the friendships between future residents during the construction phase through numerous functions that had been held. I said then that I was sure the facilities would be fabulous and that the sense of community, which appeared to be a focus of Living Choice’ was admirable.

Having recently moved into our apartment I am pleased to say that my expectations have been more than satisfied.

As a retired architect I can appreciate the design, quality workmanship and finishes that have resulted in what must be one of the best such facilities in the country.

The community at Fisher Street is steadily growing and I am confident that the friendships that have developed and the welcome to new residents will continue to make this a very desirable address.

It is exciting to be part of what is a developing community with many decisions still to be made on services and lifestyle choices and Living Choice have demonstrated their strong desire to fulfil the needs of the residents.

The café and restaurant is very much a social hub and the quality and presentation of the food excellent.

The management and staff of Living Choice have been wonderful and have helped considerably in reducing the stress imposed by relocation. They have been very supportive in meeting our many needs.

Brian Quinn


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