The move surpassed our expectations, so thank you.

We moved to Leisure Lea from an independent unit in Maroubra. Even though it was a lovely unit we found we really needed extra care and help. We were relying on family far too much and this took away our independence. At Leisure Lea if we want to see the Doctor it’s easy, we make an appointment to see Dr Bob. If we need a hairdresser off we go downstairs to Lucy. The Podiatrist, Donna, is also available. This has given us some independence back.

The time in the dining room gives us the chance to socialise with others and this adds to our enjoyment at Leisure Lea. There are always activities to look forward to, the Divas on Demand being our favourite.

We can now relax, knowing that if there is an emergency someone is there to help. If Colin falls, and this does happen, someone is there to pick him up. We know that our unit will be cleaned, our sheets changed and Wendy or Rosie will be there to help in the morning.

What we love most is the way the staff members get along so well together to create a happy and caring place to live. Now when family members visit it’s for a chat, not to make us dinner or do work. The move surpassed our expectations, so thank you.

Kath and Colin

Leisure Lea Gardens

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