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Thank you, Linda Hooper

Living Choice National Marketing Manager, Linda Hooper, says au revoir after many years with the company.

Linda has been at the forefront of the Marketing Department at Living Choice Australia, a position she has not only relished but one that the company has depended on. Linda, with her astute insight, commitment, dedication, and unwavering passion, brings these qualities to her role day after day. To Linda, it's never just been a job.

Back in February 2003, Ron Dobler, then-owner of Living Choice Retirement Villages offered Linda a part-time role as a Marketing Coordinator.  This was at a time when Linda was running her own business in a healing and beauty centre. At the same time, she was also offered a part-time position as coordinator for the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network. She accepted both positions in addition to running her own business.  Then 17 months later in July 2004, Linda became National Marketing Manager for Living Choice Australia.

Over the years, Linda has proven herself as a brand ambassador for new villages, residential land, and properties. She remains cool, calm, and collected, never letting anything ruffle her feathers, always maintaining control, and steering the ship with professionalism.

Thank you, Linda - thank you a thousand times over - for being a true leader in all you have done throughout your 20 plus years with Living Choice. You are a true inspiration, a friend to many, a mentor, a loyal employee, and a true example of a leader.

Congratulations Linda and we wish you a very happy retirement.