The horses are on the track at Twin Waters

Melbourne Cup Day has always been unpredictable in terms of weather. Scorching hot one year, torrential rain the following, but some things always remain the same: big smiles, an opportunity to frock up, and lots of encouragement to gamble.

Residents, friends and staff of Living Choice Twin Waters celebrated Melbourne Cup Day 2021 in proper style. Horses on the green, fashion on the field, champagne and jockeys, and winners and losers.

The Cup of Choice races had the starting line-up of Shoo In, Sharp As, Rays-Runner, Dreamer, Tucker, and Bolter. Rain came and went. Bets placed and racing commenced.

Who won? We all did because it was a fun day and all those in attendance had a wonderful time, especially David Greenhalgh. He took out the raffle after being spotted $5 for his ticket.

Thankfully no horses, jockeys or dice throwers were injured on the day.

Job well done to the organisers, racing teams, bar staff, bookie, raffle ticket sellers, and an exceptional crowd.