MN Woodcroft5

Transformer box gets a makeover at Woodcroft

Mary Nolan of Living Choice Woodcroft is well-known for her artistic talent and it was put to good use recently. Village Manager Gail Pounsett asked Mary if she would paint the transformer box at the corner of Robinia Way and McLaren Place, to brighten up the garden space. Mary was happy to oblige and it’s fair to say the box has been completely “transformed”!

Mary chose to reflect some plants that the gardener Nat, had planted there. “The task sounded simple, but once I began, it became obvious that this was going to be a challenge,” said Mary. “The first challenge was the weather - the rain, the wind and the heat! My paint was drying on my brush before I could get it onto the metal box, which also had the paint drying too quickly.

“One other challenge was the positions I needed to manoeuvre my body into to do the job. Sounds like I’m complaining but a hot wheat bag does wonders after a painting session! I absolutely loved painting the box. Would I do another one? No way!”

Mary said that during the first two days of painting, a ladybird visited her. “She walked on the box while I was painting, she sat on my shoe, she walked around the rim of the bucket and yes, of course, she fell into the water. Naturally, I rescued her. I have painted a ladybird on a petal of the sunflower, for good luck.

“I hope the residents like what I have painted on the box. I tried to make the painting fit in, without dominating the space. Thank you to those who gave me positive encouragement along the way.”

A big thank-you to Mary for her wonderful contribution to brightening up this corner of the village!