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Trivia fundraiser supports brave Avalon

The Living Choice team was out in full force to support a Trivia Night Fundraiser to assist with medical expenses for 8-year-old Avalon who has Cerebral Palsy. The fundraiser was held at the Galston Club on 3rd August and raised more than $10,000 which will assist with two years of Avalon’s post-surgical rehabilitation.

Living Choice staff members Gail Eyres and Jane Fisher accompanied 13 residents and 4 friends to the enjoyable fundraiser. Although Living Choice sponsored their tickets at $30 each, everyone decided to chip in another $30 each and also spent money on mystery draws and silent auctions, with the large table winning over 5 prizes on the night.

“It was so good to see this amazing community at Galston, supporting and helping this beautiful family through the costs and the test of their strength, in finding the best possible medical support for their little girl,” said Gail.

Avalon was born 10 weeks premature and as a result suffered a brain injury. Her mum Kristie said Avalon was a happy girl who took life in her stride as she whizzed around in her hot pink wheelchair.

“Since her diagnosis, we have sought out the best treatments and interventions available worldwide. We have travelled to all corners of the globe and have had incredible results at each destination.”

Although Avalon has made great progress, she will still need years of therapy, but Kristie is confident she will become independent over time. For further details on how you can help, email

A big thank-you to the following residents who supported the fundraiser - John Sinclair, Louise and Charlie Warry, Larraine Elvin, Jenny Freund, Rhonda Darlington, Maree and Bill Manson, Jennifer Welsh, Yvonne Lorenzi, Lorraine Begg, Barbara Gurney and Lyn Boorman. Thank you also to visitors Brett, Mark and Leah Ogden, Joan Jessop-Smith and staff members, Gail Eyres and Jane Fisher.

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