Tuesday Night Dinner Date at Alloura Waters

Tamara Laurence reports: 

Holding large dinner parties was always a big part of Rosemary Munro’s life before she retired, and now the residents of Alloura Waters are benefitting from her experience.

Once a month Rosemary takes on the task of organising a dinner party for the residents in the village auditorium, however, due to COVID they were put on hold for 12 months.

The first event back was in March with 62 guests and the second, just recently in April, attracted 68 guests.

“Previously I had a big home and I always loved entertaining,” said Rosemary.

“I am a people person and when I worked I was always in charge of the social committee. When I retired I thought I would have a rest from it all but somehow I found myself organising the Tuesday night dinners – I just seem to gravitate towards it.”

Rosemary has also gained the support of a few resident volunteers and they all go the extra mile to create a lovely atmosphere for the guests on dinner night.

“Each table is set with a nice white tablecloth and flowers. If they are available, we use fresh flowers which come from the residents’ gardens,” said Rosemary.

“Our last dinner featured place cards with little yellow ducks on them and matching yellow napkins placed in the wine glasses. We try to make it special.”

Prior to the event each resident receives an invitation where they get to choose from two mains and two desserts. On the night they also receive chocolates and a glass of port to finish the evening.

“Originally the dinners started as ‘Dinner for 20’ and they were held in the village dining room,” said Rosemary.

“However, as the village got bigger, we had to move to the auditorium to cater for the much larger numbers.”

The next Tuesday night dinner will be held on Tuesday 11 May 2021.