Twin Water residents and guests left spellbound

The exquisite view, glowing sun, gentle breeze off the water, smiling crowd, service men and women in kilts playing loud, intense bagpipes and drums. Wednesday 6th October 2021 was a morning to remember at Living Choice Twin Waters retirement village!

To celebrate QLD Seniors’ Month, the Twin Waters Neighbourhood Watch arranged for the Queensland Police Pipes & Drum Band, led by Charlie Mackenzie, to play for approximately 100 Living Choice residents and guests in the auditorium.

QPP&D was originally formed by a keen and committed group of police officers who had sought since 1956 to establish a Pipe Band to both represent the QPS and compete in pipe band contests.

Living Choice Twin Waters resident, David Hughes, coordinated the event with the help of Thelma Richardson and her cheerful crew.

Morning tea on arrival was followed by the first act on stage, which included Scotland The Brave and Boonie Dundee.

During intermission the band’s cybercrime expert used the opportunity to talk about how serious scams are at the moment – whether it be by someone pretending they are from the tax office or from an internet dating site, shocking the audience by explaining how a Brisbane lady transferred $1M of her savings to a man she thought loved her but wasn’t able to visit.

During the second act the band gave a heartfelt farewell to band member, Will, and as the band members made their way off the stage resident Greg Croan asked if they wouldn’t mind playing Amazing Grace.

The encore was truly heartfelt, and the emotion in the room was palatable.

Thank you, QPP&D.