Twin Waters Bowlers enjoy break-up celebrations

Tracey Dearing reports

The bowlers at Living Choice Twin Waters brought their Christmas cheer to Twin Waters Golf Club on 22nd November, to enjoy their annual Christmas party and award a coveted trophy.

Event organisers Maureen Rutschack, Gillian Thrower, Jack Green and Warwick Moody hosted a lovely afternoon. The end-of-year celebrations gave the bowlers a chance to enjoy a delicious two-course lunch and catch up with fellow team mates.

Ron Boxall relayed a funny anecdote about `Bowlers’ etiquette’, which elicited lots of laughter from the 51 members who attended. Warwick also provided some trivia on why it’s called a “jack” and where the game originated from. Jack finished off the afternoon with some funny stories about players whose names will remain anonymous.

The Twin Waters bowlers play a Sunday Bowls Triples competition over a period of five consecutive weeks. The trophy, aptly named “WANNA be CHAMPIONS, Bowls Triples”, is sponsored by Living Choice.

Last year, there were eight teams competing with the “Crazies” team taking out first place to win the trophy. This year saw six teams competing over five weeks with the Crazies coming in as runners-up. The Unbiased team, comprising Warwick Moody, Gillian Thrower and Val Hunt, was the winning team this year.

Warwick said, “What became obvious after I introduced this social bowls game, was the desire for bowlers of all levels to embrace the social aspect of bowls, enjoy a win but cop a loss, all in good spirit.  After each game most players stay for drinks and nibbles, with chats about victories and losses that are scrutinised in great humour.”

It was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by all who attended, and some attendees mentioned that there was a game of bowls later that afternoon.  I guess that quote is right: Every day is a good day for lawn bowls.