Twin Waters celebrates their Living Treasures

A group of extraordinary individuals, affectionately known as ‘Living Treasures’ came together on 10th October at Living Choice Twin Waters Leisure Centre. The occasion was to celebrate their remarkable birthdays. This heartwarming gathering was masterfully organised by Thelma Richardson and her dedicated team of helpers.

The Living Treasures has been a cherished part of life in the village now for eight years. This biannual event is a testament to the vibrant community spirit that thrives within this retirement village. It honours residents who have reached the remarkable milestone of 85 years and beyond during the current year.

The celebration was made even more special with a delightful morning tea, where everyone was able to enjoy shared stories and embrace each other’s company.

Thelma emphasised the importance of these gatherings, saying, “We believe in cherishing every moment and celebrating life at every stage. Our Living Treasures are an embodiment of resilience, wisdom and the enduring spirit of the community. It’s an honour to organise these events with my team and see our residents enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”

We extend our warmest and heartiest congratulations. May the coming year bring you all the health, happiness and joy that you have brought to the lives of those around you.

Happy Birthday to our Living Treasures.