Twin Waters Inaugural Men’s Luncheon

Jack Green and 17 fellow male Living Choice Twin Waters residents took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Monday 10th January and dined at Kawana Island Hotel.

The lads had a stellar afternoon taking in the view of the waterway and stunning yachts. The meals were enjoyed by all and it was such a success that Jack decided it will now be a regular event each month.

The idea for a men’s lunch came about when Jack, being on the Residents’ Committee, recently met with a number of fellow residents at Living Choice Kawana Island. He got chatting with Cyril Gaudart and they talked about how often the bus was used between villages.

With the use of the village bus and Twin Waters residents already agreeing to another outing, Jack has booked the next Men’s Luncheon for Tuesday 8th February at the Brightwater Hotel in Mountain Creek. There are some restrictions though, participants must be double vaccinated and have a mask if they wish to attend.

Please contact Jack for more information.