Valerie and Ken mark a special milestone

Valerie and Ken Roy of Living Choice Glenhaven are celebrating a very special milestone today. They reflect on their 60 years of marriage.

Today, 2nd September, with happiness, we celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary.

Together we have shared a wonderful relationship, right from where we began as “newlyweds” to where we are now, “the old’s”.

Our family has been a constant joy, as have our friends.  During this “lockdown” period we could not have managed without our Gumnuts, Gail, Namrata and her lovely team, and our many friends in Living Choice Glenhaven.

We met at “The Moonee Ponds Town Hall” in Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds (Dame Edna territory) on a New Year’s Eve.  There was a saying at the time – “Moonee Ponds Town Hall where Romantic Tunes led to Honeymoons”.

When we arrived back in Melbourne from our honeymoon on the Gold Coast, we had 6 pence in our pocket.

For three years we saved for a deposit on our first home. Our accounting was the envelope system.  Our dream was complete the day we moved in, along with our three-month-old son.

With our three children we filled our home with love and joy. Now we have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  We are truly blessed.