Variety is the spice of life at Broadwater Court

Residents at Living Choice Broadwater Court were in great spirits as they hosted a variety show on Tuesday 19th September. They enjoyed a delightful afternoon of singing and dancing organised by Yvonne Crestani of the Crestani Foundation.

Vocalist and compere, Clair Haynes was a true professional who had everyone enjoying her beautiful singing voice.

Living Choice staff member Toni Goddard said, “The Variety Girls were so well-rehearsed and were very entertaining to watch. They started their performance dancing to `In the Mood’ and ended with Abba. Issabella and Darren, the fabulous Ceroc dancers, were also a hit and provided an enjoyable demonstration of this fine blend of Jive, Samba and Jazz all combined into one.”

Many in the audience had been impacted by cancer and attended to support Crestani Scholarships knowing the money raised will go directly to cancer research on the Central Coast.

Toni said it was a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves with a lot of toe-tapping and singing along.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this great cause and special thanks to Toni Goddard who worked tirelessly to set everything up for the event.