Veggie garden thrives at Leisure Lea Gardens

According to Leisure Lea Gardens resident and social convenor, Connie Cameron, one of the best things about living at the village is the vegetable garden and adjacent gazebo area.

“At present it is absolutely thriving, due to the dedication and hard work of one of our residents, Roy McCulloch, who has taken it on himself to maintain the garden,” said Connie.

Roy1“The range of fresh herbs is all one needs to add so much flavour to our cooking, and there are so many tomatoes ripening on the vine. There are passionfruit vines, beans and lettuce. When the tomatoes or any other produce are ready to pick, they are taken to the residents’ kitchen/bar area and left in a bowl for residents to help themselves.”

Roy and his wife Sally moved from North Ryde to Leisure Lea Gardens in July 2021. Roy has always loved growing vegetables and herbs and when he first got married, he dug up a large part of his back garden and created vegetable beds.

When the couple started caravanning, Roy stopped growing vegetables, but his passion was rekindled when he moved into the village and saw how run down the veggie garden had become.

Roy is assisted by Paddy McCarron, who waters all the plants around the main buildings on weekends and extra dry, hot afternoons.

Thank you to Roy and Paddy for their wonderful contribution to the village!