Walking The Walk

Much has been said about COVID and the effects it has had on our lives and activities.

Some have used the down time to catch up on Netflix, others have decided to become more active.

Living Choice Fullarton resident, Jenny Tregoning, decided to hit the pavement and now walks 10,000 steps per day! And in a week’s time, Jenny will have reached 600 consecutive days of walking 10,000 steps since COVID.

Jenny loses herself in the solitude of walking. She finds it’s a great way to clear her mind and feels pretty good afterwards.

Being fortunate to live in Fullarton, Jenny adores walking the streets of her suburb and the surrounding neighbourhood. She admires all the old renovated villas and new homes, never needing to play music or audio books in her earphones. She knows exactly how far each route is and uses a tracker on her phone to monitor the distances.

As Jenny is always working towards a goal with walking, she looks for excuses to get her daily steps in – walking to the bank, shopping centre, and bakery.

Evening walks tend to be cooler and a particular favourite, and when the weather is rainy Jenny will walk the car park basement and village corridors.

Jenny likes to keep her walks varied, heading to the beach, and River Torrens Linear Park Trail with a weekly mountain hike in the Adelaide Hills thrown in for a more challenging adventure. But she’s not always alone – there is a core group of girls that enjoy the walks too – friends Sandra Maynard and Libby Lock are often by her side.

So, between bowls in the summer, bench official for netball in the winter, three grandchildren, caring for her mum Heather Geytenbeek (also a Fullarton resident), and her various roles on the Residents’ Committee, this active lady has found an activity that she admits she’s a little obsessive about.

Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment, Jenny.