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Waterfront Estate residents enjoy a beach-inspired Christmas

Another Christmas party has been celebrated and this time it was for the residents of Living Choice Broadwater Court Waterfront Estate. The event proved to be a hit with the tickets selling out within two days.

Coming together at the Waterfront Estate Community Centre, 64 residents enjoyed each other’s company while having a laugh and a cheeky wine or two. The room was beautifully decorated in an inspired beach theme with shells, coral, turtles, surfboards and boogie boards. A big thank-you to Broadwater Court’s very creative resident, KC Russells who decorated the room. KC has been responsible for the Christmas party decorations for the last few years and, once again, everyone was impressed.

Along with the venue, the residents were also dressed to impress. There were sun hats and sunscreen, board shorts and the classic Christmas shirts. But the one that stood out the most was the timeless Christmas vest that represented everything Christmas.

Residents enjoyed a two-course lunch and all the produce and items were purchased from local small businesses, so the event supported locals that have been doing it tough this year. Thank you to all those involved in helping to organise such a great event and a special thank-you to Kevin Bunt who was the photographer for the day.