Waterfront residents enjoy a musical treat

Residents at Living Choice Broadwater Court were treated to a musical afternoon when the Greater Gosford Ukulele Troupe visited Waterfront Estate on Friday 19th May.

Residents and band members, Graeme Cooper and Beverly Hill, encouraged the group to put on a musical afternoon for the residents.

Graeme is also on the Waterfront Estate Social Committee and thought it would be a lovely entertaining afternoon for everyone.

With no musical background, Graeme chose the ukulele when he was told that the older you get, you must keep the grey matter in the brain active and was given three choices. One was to take up crosswords, number two was to learn a language and three was to learn to play a musical instrument. He chose the latter and has been playing happily for the past few years.

Graeme said he practices with the group once a week for two hours and tries to practice the recommended 10 minutes a day.