Welcome to our newest resident at Flagstaff Hill!

The newest resident to move into Living Choice Flagstaff Hill is Rae Angel, who settled into her beautiful new home – a Muirfield villa – at the end of April. Rae did not have far to go, having lived in Flagstaff Hill since 1985.

Rae was referred to the village by her son, Mike Redman, and both have received $1,000 gift cards as a reward for the referral. Mike will also be entered in the annual SA Gala Reward Event draw to win a $5,000 travel voucher or UChoose Gift Card.

Rae has been a member of Flagstaff Hill Golf Club for 40 years and says she loves the area. “It’s over the road from the shops, close to the beach and Marion Shopping Centre, plus it has a great community feel,” she said.

Sales manager, Katherine Stacey, said the village community was growing quickly. “The next person to move in will be Julie Dolphin who is looking forward to moving into her new home, a Troon, as soon as it is completed. As her previous home has sold, she will be staying at our Woodcroft village for a short time.”