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We’re in safe hands at Twin Waters

Jack Green and his wife Midge (left) were referred to the village by Twin Waters resident, Pauline Doerfler.

Living Choice Twin Waters resident, Jack Green, says residents are in safe hands with both Management and fellow residents assisting during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Management and Staff here at Living Choice Twin Waters have been instrumental in keeping all residents abreast of the news in these uncertain times.

They have recommended that all village activities be suspended at this time and until further notice.

All residents and staff are observing the Government distancing recommendations at all times and that is evidenced when moving around the village.

Some residents are planning to have local happy hours in their respective streets but still obeying the distancing rules. This is a local initiative which might take on as we navigate through these restrictive practices and to help keep sane if that is what is required.

We have had a number of residents return from holidays (some abroad) and others within our beautiful country. They are all self-quarantining, as you would expect from responsible residents. They are being looked after and managed where necessary by Management and resident friends.

Our younger residents are maintaining vigil and are in constant communication with our ageing residents and those unable to cater for themselves. Some have access to supermarket deliveries and those that don’t, are being helped.

Our residents have applauded the Management and support staff for their commitment and dedication, not just in these trying times but always. We believe we are in safe hands and a safe environment from outward influences by living in such a friendly community with great respect for each other and the Management.

We look ahead to better times in this uncertain world.