When good neighbours become good friends

Living Choice Broadwater Court resident, Val Robertson, tells how she and five other residents decided to holiday together.

During Happy Hour early last year, there was a wish to go for a cruise – somewhere – anywhere. And, before we knew it, we had five ladies and one gentleman very eager to set sail.

In January 2020, just before the COVID pandemic hit, Sonia, Val, Pam, Dawn, Lyn, and Heinz, were ready and packed for a cruise to New Zealand on the Holland American Line "NOORDAM”. This was an alternative cruise to our first choice, being the Ruby Princess.

What a great time we had! Six single cabins all in a row and on a very-handy-to­everything deck.

We did our own thing sometimes, walked and lounged on the deck and caught up quite often for lunch in the Bistro. But at night it was special - a dining table set for 6 with each of us trying different dishes. We wined and dined and got ourselves "prettied up". We all regretted having dessert though, needing to walk it off the next day.

Plenty of laughs and excursions, which even now, at our 3 monthly 'catch up' at the village, are so memorable.

Of course, what happened on the cruise, stayed on the cruise! Most of the stewards were very envious of Heinz with his five lady friends, which he enjoyed and entered into the fun of it all.

If COVID hadn't have come along, maybe there would have been more cruises planned.