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Woodcroft Construction Update December 2017

Georgia Cant reports

Leisure Centre:

The Leisure Centre at Woodcroft has been progressing consistently throughout November in the lead up to the Christmas break. The development over the past month is evident both externally and internally.

Externally, all the commercial windows are in, the Alucobond external cladding system has almost finished installation and painting has now commenced.

Internally there has also been significant progress. The pool is 90% tiled, all internal walls have been lined, the ceiling linings are progressing, internal glazing in the gym, hair salon and wellness centre has been installed and the lift has been commissioned and serviced and is now in action. Waterproofing in the wet areas has started and the fire doors have begun their first fix.

The first coats of paint are underway upstairs, starting with the hair salon, craft room and medical rooms. This is in anticipation of the vinyl flooring which is being installed in these areas, including the bar and kitchen, around 7th December.

The Leisure Centre Apartments have also developed immensely in the past month. In the wet areas the tilers have started in the bathroom and laundry areas. Cabinetry has also been installed in the kitchen and study along with the bedroom robes.

In the coming weeks we will see much progression of all ceilings lined, the first coat of paint on, the library internal commercial glazing secured and a large amount of cabinetry installed.

The Linked Apartments:

The Linked Apartments have advanced nicely despite the emphasis on getting the Leisure Centre finished. We now have all timber wall frames up and the windows and balcony sliding doors are also in.

Lots of preparation and detailed work has gone into fixing the new structure to the existing apartments.

The construction team will be very busy in the lead up to Christmas. We will be resuming works on the Leisure Centre in the New Year starting in early January. This is due to the February deadline which is approaching fast.  We are expecting a high amount of activity to be happening in the New Year. We have scheduled many works and deliveries throughout January and February, therefore everyone needs to be mindful of traffic movements.

From the LCA Construction Team we wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

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