Des and Chris Hicks

Woodcroft residents appreciate staff support

Des and Chris Hicks pictured at the SA Ambassadors’ Workshop & lunch in December 2019.

Living Choice Woodcroft staff members were delighted to receive the following thank-you note from residents Des and Chris Hicks, who have themselves always been a tremendous help in the village.

Chris and I just wanted to express our appreciation for everything the village manager, Gail Pounsett and her staff are doing to keep us all informed and protected during this most unfortunate time.

We fully understand how difficult this must be for Gail to keep that beautiful smile on her face when I have no doubt she is presented daily with grumbles and complaints from some of our possibly frightened residents that are struggling to come to terms with something they are finding difficult  to understand.  You can be assured that Chris and I appreciate every day how fortunate we are to be living in such a caring environment amongst such caring staff and residents.  We don’t take this for granted - keep up the good work!

Like everyone else in the village, we’re now finding we have a lot of time on our hands, particularly as pre-virus time we were very active at the Leisure Centre taking care of the coffee machine with cleaning and maintaining stock, washing all the cups, keeping the bar and kitchen area clean and tidy, emptying the trash bins etc.

Every Monday we were also inspecting every display villa and apartment to ensure everything was in good order and that all interior doors were closed to avoid discolouration. Now of course all this has been temporarily suspended!

So as you can imagine we’re now really at loose ends, however a daily walk around the village, lots of house cleaning on jobs that we had been avoiding, but now find we have no excuse, plus catching up on reading helps to get us through the day.  Chris has also got quite involved in jigsaw puzzles.

Keeping in touch with family and friends via social media certainly has been a tremendous help.  Like everyone else I’m sure, we do miss our grandkids.  We’re all in this together and we will get through it with the support of good friends and caring staff!

Just as an aside, we are really getting used to having the gates closed 24/7.  Wouldn’t break our hearts if this continued after this pandemic has been kicked to the curb and we can get back to some normality again!

(Note: Home inspections and consultations with selected Wellness Centre practitioners are still available by appointment – phone 1800 502 524.)