Woodcroft village entry to get a $300,000 facelift

Living Choice is pleased to announce that it will shortly commence a $300,000 upgrade of the main entry to Living Choice Woodcroft.  The upgrade will be fully funded by Living Choice. Work will commence in early August 2018 with re-opening of the new roadway scheduled for before Christmas 2018, with all roadway works being completed by early 2019.

McLaren Place (Main entry):

A new roadway will be installed to serve all residents and guests of the village. The current roadway is badly damaged from years of vehicles and trucks using a domestic paved roadway which has now reached the end of its serviceable life.

A new front entry gate will be installed, permitting the village to be secured at night time. Residents’ FOBs (as issued to allow access to the leisure centre) will be used to permit access to the village when the gates are closed.  Friends and guests will be able to contact residents from the front gate, via a dialer. Residents will be able to remotely unlock the gate for their guests via their telephone handset (either mobile or home phone).

Entry Landscaping will be upgraded, as will the front entry statement, and there will be a beautifully designed and heavily planted boulevard when entering the village.  A Video Security Camera will be located at the entrance to the village, to provide additional security for residents.

Morphett Lane: (Road to the West of the new linked apartments)
While the main roadway is closed for upgrade, Morphett Lane (to be bitumised shortly) will carry all traffic into and out of the village.

Birch Grove: (Road running parallel to Pimpala Road on the Eastern side of the Village)
Subject to further resident and committee consultation Living Choice is considering permitting the use of the temporary construction access gates to Pimpala Road, allowing residents living on the Eastern side of the village easier access to their homes while McLaren Place is being upgraded.

In order to minimise the length of disruption to residents adjacent to McLaren Place, the 5 homes (being 1A, 2A, 21A, 20A, 41A) as shown on the village map will be constructed concurrently with the new roadway.  The Village Committee has been briefed on the above points and is also currently determining an appropriate location to relocate the decorative birdhouse which is currently located near the front entry.

General Manager, Jason Sack, said having just completed the Leisure Centre, Living Choice was pleased to be moving forward in further enhancing the Village.  “We are delighted to deliver on the promises we made when we became involved just 3 short years ago.”