World-class tennis on display
at the Gold Coast

The ITF World Tennis Masters’ Tour came to the Gold Coast from 29th June to 3rd July and Living Choice was the proud main sponsor.

Held at the Gold Coast Seniors Tennis Club and the adjacent Miami Tennis Club, the tournament – the QLD Seniors’ Championships - attracted 266 players who took part in 62 events. The players, ranging in age from 30 to 90+, came from Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, Austria, Sri Lanka and Chinese Taipei.

The Gold Coast Seniors and Miami Tennis Clubs boast a combined 28 courts, making it the ideal venue for an international tournament. Last year’s event was severely impacted by rain, but the sun was shining most of the time for this year’s tournament, much to the relief of Tournament Director, Gail Bates of Tennis Seniors’ QLD.

This year, G8 Performance Orthotic Insoles set up a marquee to assist players experiencing foot problems, while massage therapists were kept busy soothing aching muscles.

The Gold Coast Seniors’ clubhouse was the focal point for socialising at the end of each day’s play, with tennis players and spectators enjoying the opportunity to celebrate wins and commiserate over losses.

Living Choice took the opportunity to promote its new golf course village under construction at Parkwood, as well as its popular villages on the Sunshine Coast, Kawana Island and Twin Waters. Apart from a cash donation to run the event, Living Choice sponsored a hamper in the lucky draw, which was won by Jill Pattinson. Congratulations to all the winners (see full results below photos).


Men’s Singles:
30+ 1st Brendon Moore, 2nd Yuri Mijic.
40+ 1st Claran Moore, 2nd James Fry.
45+ 1st Matthew Porter, 2nd Justin James.
50+ 1st Jarrod Broadbent, 2nd Igor Jovanovic.
55+ 1st Chris Gillis, 2nd Jay Pike.
60+ 1st Simon Arms, 2nd Bruce Ferguson.
65+ 1st Michael Ford, 2nd John Lawrence.
70+ 1st Ross Orford, 2nd Ian Thomas.
75+ 1st Terry McLellan, 2nd Roger Davey.
80+ 1st Alan Walsh, 2nd Bruce Rehn. 

Women’s Singles:
35+ 1st Kate Walker, 2nd Karen Pearce.
40+ 1st Jennifer Earl, 2nd Peri Bostock.
50+ 1st Sharon Hoole, 2nd Jane Taylor.
55+ 1st Kerryn Cyprien, 2nd Jill Meggs.
60+ 1st Brenda Foster, 2nd Wanda Howes.
65+ 1st Leanne Scott, 2nd Lyn Robinson.
70+ 1st Sally Van Rensburg, 2nd Adrienne Avis.
75+ 1st Kim Blackburne, 2nd Carol Davies.

Men’s Doubles:
30+ 1st Jonathan Hermann & Yuri Mijic, 2nd Mirsad Dedajic & Kengo Iwasaka.
40+ 1st James Fry & Matthew Porter, 2nd Johnny Stamenovic & Jamie White.
45+ 1st Patrick Doolan & Brad Weatherstone, 2nd Trevor Farrow & Jay Pike.
50+ 1st Igor Jovanovic & Martin Richards, 2nd Marcus Small & Brad Weatherstone.
55+ 1st David Evans & David Starling, 2nd Matt Ilott & Jay Pike.
60+ 1st Bruce Ferguson & Eddie Myers, 2nd Simon Arms & John Brunner.
65+ 1st Stephen Dance & Wayne Pascoe, 2nd Michael Ford & Peter Hampton.
70+ 1st Max Bates & Ross Orford, 2nd Quentin Maisey & Larry Seales.
75+ 1st Terry McLellan & Alan Walsh, 2nd Rob Bickmore & Roger Davey.
80+ 1st Dennis Bindon & Herbert Chee, 2nd John Hobson & Alan Swingler. 

Women’s Doubles:
35+ 1st Diane Cassel & Martelle Coetzer-Botha, 2nd Jamie Swift & Kate Walker.
40+ 1st Wanda Howes & Karen Pearce, 2nd Jessica Draper & Andrea Somerfield.
50+ 1st Christine Beehler & Sharon Hoole, 2nd Martelle Coetzer-Botha & Brenda Holmes.
55+ 1st Kerryn Cyprien & Jill Meggs, 2nd Diane Cassel & Karen Pearce.
60+ 1st Brenda Foster & Karen Stewart-Smith, 2nd Sally Van Rensburg & Leanne Scott.
70+ 1st Sally Van Rensburg & Jan Vick, 2nd Adrienne Avis & Helen Worland.
75+ 1st Carol Davies & Valerie Klemasz, 2nd Lorraine Avers & Joy Rigter. 

Mixed Doubles:
30+ 1st Kate Walker & Morgan Young, 2nd Jaime Swift & Mirsad Dedajic.
40+ 1st Christine Beehler & Pete Jenkins, 2nd Melanie Henderson & Armadeep Singh.
50+ 1st Jenny Su Chen Lin & Simon Arms, 2nd Kerryn Cyprien & Martin Richards.
55+ 1st Ulrike Deutsch-Watson & David Evans, 2nd Jill Meggs & Christopher Arms.
60+ 1st Brenda Forster & Michael Ford, 2nd Wanda Howes & John Bruce.
65+ 1st Wendy Harrison & John Lawrence, 2nd Lyn Robinson & Peter Hampton.
70+ 1st Jan Vick & Ross Orford, 2nd Susanne Walter & Allen Hooper.
75+ 1st Lorraine Avers & Alan Swingler, 2nd Joy Rigter & Kevin Bradley.