Writing comes naturally to Deepwater Court’s Denise

She’s candid, delightful and has so much depth you will pause from the impact. Simone McKenna reports.

Denise Wallis is an active Living Choice resident at Deepwater Court in beautiful Woy Woy. She is the writer for Village Life, a monthly short summary of activities at Deepwater Court and will be celebrating her 12th edition this month.

Denise has lived overseas for much of her life and wrote many letters to her parents and grandparents, and about the countries she’s lived in. Obtaining a full PhD in psychology in 1998, Denise has also published 5 articles in professional journals and her first book, Cherish Our Children, was written in 2006.

Her most recent book, This Eternal Journey, is powerful, thought-provoking, raw in its honesty and it feels tangible. There are moments of humour and intense heartache where it’s difficult to breathe. Denise admits the book is “a bit gauche and still needs some revising”, but isn’t that how all perfectionists feel?

Denise and her life-partner of 24 years, Carolyn Elwin, used to live in a big house on the hill. Carolyn loves gardening, however, after experiencing several falls they decided to move. They didn’t think a retirement village was for them, but Carolyn’s reaction changed when she visited Deepwater Court. Carolyn said she, “fell in love. It was so peaceful and I loved the gardens, openness, and the village feel’’. It also helped that they could keep their pets.

Denise and Carolyn have created a beautiful home that feels like home. The gardens are lovingly tended to by Carolyn and each trinket and piece of artwork has its own tale to tell. Cat Fergus looks to see who’s visiting and then vanishes with disinterest and their little Japanese Spitz, Cindy, is happy to look at you but no touching please.

Denise says, “Cindy is very obedient and good-natured, not like me,” … this is, of course, said in jest. The energy in Denise and Carolyn’s home is love. And I am grateful for the small snippet of time they allowed for my visit.

If you wish to receive a copy of Village Life, please contact Village Manager, Rebecca Roese.

This Eternal Journey is available through Amazon: This Eternal Journey: Reflections on love, pain, mysteries and the whole damn thing: Nisbet PhD, Denise A: 9780992283322: Books