Ploughman’s Lunch prompts two life changes at Woodcroft

The annual Ploughman’s Lunch at Living Choice Woodcroft is a popular event on the marketing calendar but for two attendees at the 2019 lunch it held a special significance.

Last year, Margaret Manning attended as a client and was impressed by the residents’ testimonials about life at the village. Gail Pounsett also attended, not as a client but as a representative of a real estate agency.

This year, Margaret attended as a resident helper, assisting clients with information on the village. Gail was also there again, not as a real estate agent but as the village manager! “It’s been a wonderful change for both Margaret and me and I encourage clients to join us,” she said.

Two residents, Rosemary Headon and Graham Wharton, also encouraged visitors to consider making the move to the village. “The lifestyle is fabulous and I’ve never been so busy,” said Rosemary. “I’ve made wonderful friends and some of us are going on a cruise in September.”

Rosemary said she enjoyed taking part in the fitness activities, including Zumba Gold and line dancing, and her husband also enjoyed the Strength for Life classes. “It’s the best place to be at this time of our lives – we have no regrets.”

Graham Wharton said the new leisure centre was a great attraction for them. “That is what sold it for us. We also take part in many Wellness Centre activities, including yoga and Strength for Life.” Graham is a keen golfer and invited some golf mates to the lunch.

Sales manager Katherine Stacey said the event had been very successful and she thanked the resident helpers and her fellow staff members for their assistance with preparing the lunch and hosting the visitors. She is also confident that some of the clients who attended will be assisting as resident helpers next year!