As a 6-year-old living in Sydney, Living Choice Glenhaven resident John Murray took his first tram trip to Narrabeen Primary School. He was so fascinated by the experience that it kindled a lifelong interest (his wife Betty calls it an obsession) in all forms of public transport, including trams, buses, ferries and trains.

Over the years, John has amassed a very large collection of memorabilia and many of his images and articles have been published in the Transport Press. He is also an active member of the Sydney Tramway Museum and has built up many contacts in the transport industry.

Since moving to Living Choice Glenhaven eight years ago, John has been lobbying the local bus operator to improve the bus service to the area and in particular, to increase the number of journeys along Old Glenhaven Road (where the village is situated) from two each day .

John’s efforts have finally paid off, with the Hills Bus Company now stopping at two bus shelters outside the village on an hourly basis, from early morning to around 7pm. Furthermore, the route has been extended to Rouse Hill Town Centre, which means there is now a “through service” from Parramatta to Castle Hill, Living Choice and Rouse Hill.

John said the North West Rail Link, currently under construction, would have stations at both Castle Hill and Rouse Hill, providing residents with the option to travel all the way to Sydney on public transport. “With over 300 residents at the village, hopefully this service will prove beneficial to our residents and I will continue to encourage them to utilise it,” he said.

Village manager Gail Eyres paid tribute to John for his efforts over the years. “He never gave up and our residents and future residents will benefit greatly.” The village also has a new 14-seater Hi-Ace commuter bus which was delivered in January.

Photo: John Murray boards the bus outside the entrance to Living Choice Glenhaven.