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Care and security at Fullarton

Living Choice Fullarton is renowned for its wonderful, caring staff. You will also feel secure with underground parking and lifts to your floor, keycard access to your apartment and monitored entry to the leisure centre.

The Silver Service Supported Living plan at Living Choice Fullarton enables residents to live independently for as long as possible and be supported by a range of services rather than be moved prematurely to an Aged Care Facility.

Living Choice and the residents’ chosen care providers ensure you have the choice to stay in your apartment for as long as possible and have care and support brought to you. Staff members are on-site 7 days per week, 24 hours a day and around-the-clock emergency response is also provided by Tunstall’s trained staff off-site, backed by our on-site care staff.


On-site carers

All staff members at Living Choice Fullarton are fully trained in Advanced First Aid and are on-site between 9am and 5pm five days a week. A carer takes over at 5pm until 9am and is also on duty on weekends and public holidays. The cost of the carers is included in the monthly levy.


Emergency Response

A Tunstall Smart Hub is installed in all homes and common areas and a waterproof pendant is also supplied. At the touch of a button residents can press their pendant or Help button to be connected to Tunstall and our on-site carer. Together they will assess the situation and summon an ambulance, if necessary.


Wellness Centre

Fullarton retirement village has its own Wellness Centre where 8 leading health, wellness and fitness practitioners have joined forces to ensure both our residents and those in the local community achieve optimum health through an integrated approach. See the Wellness Centre brochure here.


Home Care

As an Approved Provider, Living Choice Home Care provides residents with nursing, household, cleaning, shopping, transport and personal care services, either through a Government subsidy or on a user-pays basis. Contact Living Choice SA Home Care Coordinator, Lesley Phillips on (08) 7320 3626 or 0428 900 485 for more details.

Living Choice Fullarton Retirement Village
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Village Office Ph: (08) 7320 3600
Email: sales@livingchoice.com.au

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You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave this village which may impact on the capital gains received.