Care and Security

Care and security at Deepwater Court

Living in a small, caring and closely knit community such as Living Choice Deepwater Court is like living close to your extended family. Neighbours look out for each other and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing support is close at hand. Living Choice Home Care also offers a wide range of Home Care support services.

There is a 24-hour emergency response system installed in all units and common areas and the village manager is fully trained in Advanced First Aid.

Home Care

Home Care

At Living Choice villages on the Central Coast you can have care and support services in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the services available at the village, you can access services provided by the Living Choice Home Care team. Our Case Managers assist residents to access Home Care packages. See details here.


Village Manager

A village staff member is on-site Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, including the village manager Rebecca Roese who attends 2 days per week, a gardener 3 days per week and a property maintenance person 2 days per week.  All are available to respond to both medical and security emergencies. Rebecca also liaises with Living Choice Home Care staff and Tunstall Health emergency response to achieve the best possible outcome for residents.



One of the most appreciated aspects of living at Living Choice Deepwater Court is that you don't need to worry about property maintenance and gardening - we do it all for you! The village gardener works 3 days each week to keep the village gardens blooming and our property maintenance person attends to all maintenance requests 2 days per week.

Emergency response system

Emergency response

The Tunstall Health Liberty emergency alarm system is installed at Deepwater Court and each home is provided with an emergency phone and pendant which, when activated, alerts the Tunstall Registered Nurse on duty. The duty nurse will telephone the resident and will decide on treatment or hospitalisation via ambulance if necessary.

Living Choice Deepwater Court
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