Living Choice’s 5 Steps to Retirement Living

Our logo says it all - Living Choice offers you choices in your retirement, including locations, home designs, leisure facilities and levels of care. We have always offered incoming residents at Living Choice Twin Waters and Living Choice Kawana Island a choice of Lease Types to suit their particular needs. Now, we’re also offering a Lease Type which is designed to provide you with certainty and peace of mind.

Your 5 Steps to Certainty:

When the youngest person on your lease reaches 75, we will cap your monthly fee for life.

Guaranteed buy back if your Living Choice property hasn’t sold in 6 months.

Living Choice pays to renovate your property prior to sale.

No cost of sale charges when you leave the Village.

Deferred Management Fee of 10% per year (calculated on the ingoing contribution) - capped at 30%.

This unique Lease Type offers a great new choice for retirees seeking benefits of living in a retirement community which is regulated by the Retirement Villages Act. Conditions apply - ask our sales consultant for details.

Village Information

Twin Waters

Living Choice Twin Waters

21 Baywater Drive, Twin Waters QLD 4564
Phone sales on 1800 008 099
or the village office Ph: (07) 5450 7833

Kawana Island

Living Choice Kawana Island

10 Marco Way, Kawana Island QLD 4575
Phone sales on 1800 004 388
or the village office Ph: (07) 5437 7399

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