Care and Security

Care and security at Twin Waters

With the co-located Estia Health Aged Care Residence now open, Living Choice Twin Waters retirement village is in the enviable position of having co-located aged care, making it easy for partners to visit loved ones who require a higher level of care. Living Choice Home Care is now also available.

At Estia Health, a wide range of care options is available, including dementia and respite care.

Living Choice staff members are on-site 5 days a week during working hours and around-the-clock emergency response is also provided by Tunstall Healthcare and an Estia Health staff member, after hours.


24-hour Support

All staff members at Living Choice Twin Waters are fully trained in Advanced First Aid and are on-site between 9am and 5pm five days a week. After-hours emergency response is provided through the Tunstall Emergency Response System and a staff member at the co-located Estia Health Twin Waters. These services are included in the monthly levy.

Emergency response system

Emergency Response System

Tunstall Healthcare Personal Alarm System is installed in all homes and common areas and a waterproof pendant is also supplied. At the touch of a button residents can press their pendant or Help button to be connected to the Tunstall call centre. If necessary, Tunstall will summon an ambulance and the Estia staff member after hours or the office during business hours.

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On-site health services

As an Approved Provider, Living Choice Home Care services are available to residents, either through a Government subsidy or on a user-pays basis. Dr Peter Alroe consults at the village every Tuesday and a Registered Nurse is available for appointments at the co-located Estia Health every Wednesday. Podiatrist Dr Andrew Khoury visits every six weeks and a beautician provides remedial massage by appointment.


Aged Care Facility

A five-star, 114-bed Aged Care Facility adjacent to the Twin Waters Retirement Village site, opened in September 2017. It is owned and operated by Estia Health. Living Choice residents have easy access to the Estia building, so it’s easy to visit friends and partners. Applicants are subject to the normal assessment criteria and availability varies.

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