Testimonials from our wonderful residents

Thank you to those residents that offer testimonials about their experience living at Leisure Lea Gardens retirement village. We value what our residents have to say, and the Living Choice team work hard to ensure that we are exceeding resident expectations.

Here are some of the testimonials we have received:

Home is where the heart is … at Leisure Lea Gardens

Home is where the heart is, say Jean and Clive Pringle, and for them Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village is “home”.

“Many things have been said about the meaning of ‘Home’. My husband and I have recently found a new home and we are happily settled into Leisure Lea Gardens, a Living Choice village in Marsfield.

“This has been a very busy few months for us – we all know about packing and moving! Living Choice Broadwater Court in Kincumber was our previous home where we enjoyed the Central Coast lifestyle. However, as time went by new factors began to emerge.

“Family members who all live in Sydney came to visit us regularly, travelling up and down the M1 with small children in car seats. We thought we needed to change this. Our granddaughter commenced the search for a residence nearer to them.

“She introduced herself to sales consultant Juliet Morrell at Leisure Lea Gardens and happily for us, a sunny unit was available in an ideal location. When we made our decision to relocate, both the village manager Linda Savige and Juliet were extremely kind and helpful in every way.

“Thanks to all concerned, the transition has been good and we look forward to many happy times with our fellow residents.”

Jean and Clive Pringle

Living Choice was the right choice for Mum

“Mum moved into Leisure Lea Gardens a number of weeks ago and is settling in nicely and enjoying her new home. It was a difficult decision to downsize and move but it was the right decision. The decision was made that little bit easier because of your “fixed levies for life” offer. Knowing levies will be set for life will make budgeting much easier. Thanks for making mum feel welcome.”


An effortless move to Leisure Lea Gardens

To Juliet and all the staff who have made my move to Leisure Lea Gardens so effortless and worry free, thank you.

From day one the friendly welcome into 102 as a renter to settlement and becoming a new resident here has been without any worry. The welcome by Steve, Ramani and Joel was very much appreciated.  Everyone is fantastic.

I have attended several social events and the residents are great and happy – an obvious reflection of a harmonious ‘living choice’. Thank you also for your welcome card and Moet which was very much appreciated. Looking forward to many happy days here.

Margaret Czencz

I’m part of the family

When I came and visited Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village with my family, my son said “Dad would have loved it here” and that’s when I knew my mind was made up. It was the ninth or tenth village I had seen, and I was getting tired and picky. It was not an Open Day when we visited – we just called in to see what was available and we got to see the general village community going about their daily lives and they were obviously enjoying themselves.

The gardens looked absolutely beautiful. The trees and roses were in flower and all the other plants had their Spring show on.

Juliet sat down with us and explained what was currently on offer, making notes so we would not forget. It was a great weight lifted knowing there was a life for me here and I could feel as much or as little of it as I wanted. I asked about being involved in any committees and as the months went by, I was asked to be the Assistant Secretary of the Residents’ Committee, which has now kept me busy for almost three years. I have got to know many of the residents and they are all supportive. It’s such a pleasure to try and find things for them to be part of.

Earlier this year I had to use my emergency alarm button late one night and the lovely night staff were with me in no time. They phoned a medical team and had the ambulance here to attend to my problem.

As for the dining room, I currently use it four times a month, but I am now considering changing to six times as the meals are appetising and there’s no work for me to put it on the table.

The staff at Leisure Lea Gardens are all so supportive, kind and always willing to help when you need it. The maintenance staff have your problem sorted in no time at all.

Overall, I could not recommend Leisure Lea Gardens more highly. I am happy here and feel as if I am part of a family.

Connie Cameron

No regrets for reluctant downsizers

Up until three years ago we did not have any intentions of moving into a retirement village, however circumstances changed and we found it difficult to maintain the property. We reluctantly decided that we should downsize to a retirement village in the same suburb where we had lived for 58 years.
We looked at some villages in the neighbourhood and although we knew some people living at Leisure Lea Gardens, it was definitely not the only reason for choosing this village. We found the management and residents to be very welcoming. We also love the dining room which provides a variety of meals 7 days a week, if needed.
We still participate in our own hobbies & activities, however there is a wide range provided here within the village.
There are beautiful gardens throughout the village and it is very easy to get public transport.
We are happy with our newly renovated 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment and extremely pleased living at Leisure Lea Gardens. We wish we had made the decision earlier!

Elaine and Bob McKew

A rewarding new life for mum

Mum was living by herself in a comfortable unit in Ryde but was finding the stairs to the unit increasingly difficult and the lack of regular company made for a lonely experience.

In early 2019 my brother Buck had notification of a Leisure Lea Gardens Open Day and took mum along so that she could get some idea of what was possible. The friendly residents and staff and the beautiful gardens made a very positive impression and after some deliberation mum asked me to make enquiries regarding suitable accommodation.

At the time of my enquiry Juliet from Leisure Lea advised that a supported living unit next to the dining room had become available. Mum decided it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to move to accommodation where she could have her meals prepared for her and have the benefit of good company at each meal time. And no stairs!

Mum often comments how lovely the staff and residents are – their friendliness and support has very much eased the settling in process and gives mum the opportunity to meet, know and enjoy a whole new community.

Deborah Findlay (Daughter of Anne Maclean)

I am safe and happy

The plan to sell my house and move to Living Choice Leisure Lea retirement village was the best lifetime decision I could ever have made. Life has been happy, stress free and so easy. All staff are cheerful and attentive.

Meals in the dining room are really good.  I have treated friends and they were impressed too.

Other residents have been generous in welcoming me into any activities, and there are lots of things to do.

My sons are thrilled with my decision. They have peace of mind that I am safe and happy.

Ann Harries

10 out of 10 Leisure Lea!

Leisure Lea has been a perfect choice for my Mother’s move closer to her immediate family.
The staff and residents have been supportive from my first Leisure Lea Open Day visit and tour. They have continued to make Mum welcome as a resident and me as a visitor. The on-site Doctor, pharmacy collection and delivery as well as the settling in maintenance assistance have been much appreciated. The friendly residents, beautiful gardens and the birds that visit are a real bonus. 10 out of 10 Leisure Lea.

Kathy Collins (daughter of Barbara Kilgour)

A rewarding decision for Mum

My Mum is an active, independent 90 something year old who has always lived in her own unit on the third floor of a building without a lift. “The stairs keep me fit” was her mantra and indeed they did. After a fall in May last year the stairs started to be an impediment to her busy social life.

Early in January we decided to just have a look around at options, with no real intention of doing anything soon. A conversation with Juliet at Leisure Lea Gardens and a stroll through the complex really set us thinking. The unit was lovely and the view of the gardens from what was to become her new home was peaceful and enticing.

After four days of soul-searching Mum decided to make the move – a heart-wrenching decision after nearly 42 years in her home. By the end of January she had moved in. It was a truly daunting prospect for someone of Mum’s age but neither of us could believe how easy the process was.

Juliet accommodated our every request and the staff were fantastic. Within days of moving in Steve (the lovely handyman) had hung paintings, reset the shower and offered to help move furniture to just “see where you like it best”. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone.

Mum has settled in so very quickly. She has made new friends, attended ‘happy hour’ and ‘afternoon tea’ and been on a luncheon outing to Watson’s Bay. She has a regular appointment with the hairdresser and podiatrist and can see the onsite doctor should she ever need his services. The dining room serves wonderful meals and everyone loves Friday fish and chips.

I can’t believe that it has only been just over two months that Mum has been at Leisure Lea Gardens. She is as well as she has been in ages and truly enjoying the increased social contact and camaraderie.

From my perspective it has been very different from my image of a retirement village. There is an even spread of women, men and couples and the people are interesting, vibrant and fun. There is always a joke to be shared, someone to reminisce with and interesting things to learn about your fellow residents. It was a move I never thought Mum would make but one that I truly believe will extend her life and make it so much more enjoyable.

If you have an aging parent who could do with a new lease on life have a look at Leisure Lea Gardens. It does not fit the perceived stereotype of a retirement village. It is a community of fun-loving, aging people who enjoy a helping hand on occasions and more importantly the benefit of an inclusive, caring community. Our only regret is that we did not make the move sooner.

Trish Walker – daughter of Jean Mellor

From the first phone call, we felt at ease and welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed we have been with Leisure Lea Gardens.

Our mum (91yrs) moved into a supported living unit in February 2016 at Leisure Lea, 6 months after dad died.  We were concerned about mum living on her own and when she became unwell, she felt the time had come to make a move. This was a new situation for all of us, so we began doing research and soon found Living Choice Leisure Lea Gardens, when searching for ‘supported living’.

From the first phone call, we felt at ease and welcome. Juliet provided all the information we needed and arranged for a meeting the next day. On viewing the supported living unit we were very impressed with the size, the quality, the location and the lovely ‘feel’ it had, and all of our questions, from practical to legal, were answered clearly by Juliet. We arranged for mum to see the unit the next day and she immediately felt it was just perfect and decided to go ahead. She was even able to have her own furniture in her new home. Moving was made easy with recommendations from Juliet and Linda and help from Steve to put up mum’s paintings within 24 hours, so mum felt right at home.

From the time mum moved in, the staff and residents have been so friendly and helpful, and she made some very special friends. The staff from reception, kitchen, cleaning, garden and hairdressing, to Dr Bob, all made mum feel very special and cared for, and contributed to the happy atmosphere at Leisure Lea.

Mum died in early October and we were supported and comforted through this stressful time by the staff at Leisure Lea. Juliet is now managing the selling of mum’s unit and as she explained everything so well when mum initially purchased the unit, the procedure is easy to follow and there are no surprises.

We are so pleased that we found Leisure Lea for mum and thank you sincerely for having such a wonderful village. With all the negativity in the media, it is so reassuring to know that what is reported is not the norm for many retirement villages.  When anyone asks me if I know of any good retirement villages, I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Leisure Lea Gardens.


Courtesy a number one priority

I am totally satisfied with the care and I do not wish to leave here under any circumstances! Courtesy is a number one priority from all the staff. This includes kitchen, carers, office staff, the maintenance man and gardener.  I recommend the village to anyone considering residency here.

Russell Gibbs

From house to new home

After living in a 3-bedroom home with granny flat for eight years circumstances caused my wife and I to look further afield for retirement homes and villages.

Our first place looked promising but obstacles were raised, government departments had to be satisfied, another inspection, result N.F.A.

Our next home looked great, close to the shops and transport, but a phone call told us they would only keep the accommodation for 14 days (impossible) as we had to put the house on the market.

We were getting downhearted as we had looked at so many retirement villages. In August my wife and I looked at Leisure Lea Gardens and we liked what we saw.

The house was sold in November, we moved into Leisure Lea Gardens and we are both happy with the staff, facilities and accommodation.

John & Jean Dennis

I referred my friend

Thank you very much for the wonderful gift of $250 for referring my friend Margaret Nicholson to Leisure Lea Gardens. This was a very kind gesture and greatly appreciated.

I’ve now been here 12 months and have enjoyed myself very much. I am sure my friend Margaret will be as happy here as I am. Once again, many thanks to you all.

Your happy resident, Merle Todd.

Kind people available 24/7

My parents moved down from Queensland four months ago to live at Leisure Lea Gardens. It has been my long time dream to have them live nearer in their senior years so I can spend more time with them and help out when needed.

I have found Leisure Lea Gardens to be a really lovely place. It has good facilities and is a very social place. The staff are always smiling and ready for a laugh. They have been exceedingly helpful to my parents over the last few weeks. Leisure Lea Gardens is a happy, friendly place. My mother is now playing cards once a week, going to meditation classes and generally enjoying the social life.

It is a huge relief to me to know that they are close by and have kind people available 24/7 who will help them at any time, day or night.

Tonia Norton  ( daughter of Rex and Bobby McGowan ) 

Leisure Lea Gardens was the top choice

As a local Paramedic, I frequent retirement villages on a daily basis, servicing all the local facilities as well as those from other council areas. So when it came time to find a new home for my father, I knew Leisure Lea Gardens was the top choice. The staff are amazing! Everyone is so genuine and friendly; they enjoy a laugh and a chat and have really made Dad feel welcome. The facility is fantastic and I am so impressed with the fruit and vegetable market that visits on a weekly basis.

It was a big change for Dad, moving from what had been his home for many decades. But Leisure Lea Gardens is such a genuine warm and friendly place, Dad had no trouble settling in and hasn’t looked back. He is thriving now and I have noticed a renewed vigor for life. I can’t speak highly enough of Leisure Lea Gardens, and I am excited about this next chapter in Dad’s life.

Amber McDonald

I am so glad that I moved here

Time flies and it seems, even more quickly as one’s own years increase. I am sure that it was but yesterday that our then newly completed home was ready to receive our family, yet that was fifty seven years ago. That was a long time to spend at one address, but we had a comfortable home in a quiet street with easy access to transport and all suburban facilities. However the passing years made it ever more difficult to cope with the demands of sole living in a large house and the need to keep lawns and gardens in order, as well as home maintenance. Clearly it was time for me to move, but I wanted to be as comfortable as in my then home.

It was important that I remain in the Epping area close to my friends and interests. In addition I wanted to be free of household chores as well as meal preparation. Public transport also needed to be close by as I felt that the time had come to surrender my driving licence. All of my requirements were met at Leisure Lea Gardens where I have a comfortable supported living apartment, amongst friendly people and with helpful and friendly staff.

I meet new people every day and find it easy to make new friends.Though never a sportsman I have even been persuaded to join the weekly darts group. This is the place I now call home, and it truly is home. I am so glad that I moved here.

Ward Joice

Sincere and supportive staff

Several months ago my elderly aunt decided she wanted to move into a supported living situation. She chose Leisure Lea Gardens. What a very wise decision this has proven to be.

After a tour of the village and viewing of available units she selected one and has subsequently moved in. During the whole process my elderly aunt, who was tired of having to climb 48 steps to reach her unit where she had lived alone for over 40 years, was supported by the Leisure Lea staff. She has already settled in and is enjoying the benefits of being supported and welcomed by the staff.

Nothing seems to be too much trouble as they introduce my aunt to the great advantages of supported living at Leisure Lea Gardens. In the process of buying electrical items in Eastwood the salesman spoke highly of Leisure Lea Gardens as did my aunt’s doctor. All comments we have heard have been positive. We are firmly convinced that my aunt has made a very wise decision and will enjoy the many benefits there for years to come.

Our Family has enjoyed interacting with the staff and now can relax, knowing our aunt is happy, has an opportunity to make new friends and will be cared for by a most sincere and supportive staff.

Ian Morris

I feel safe and comfortable

After finding myself on my own I had to find a place that I felt safe and could call home. I had driven down Epping Road a number of times and Living Choice Leisure Lea Gardens had popped out each time.

I decided one Sunday to drive down and check it out. On my arrival I was greeted by a lovely man by the name of Paddy. He explained that the Sales Office was not open on Sundays and suggested I phone and make an appointment with Juliet the following Saturday.

Juliet was lovely. She explained everything in fine detail, then showed me the unit she felt I would suit the best. I have moved into this unit now and feel safe and comfortable. I have now found my home.

Wendy Palmer

In short, I think I’ll stay

I moved into Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village in May 2016 from the South Coast of NSW. Prior to the move, I appreciated the no-pressure manner in which myself and my daughters were treated. At all times, communications were professional, prompt and helpful.

Among the reasons I selected Leisure Lea Gardens were the on-site services available, such as as doctor, chiropodist, hairdresser and dining room. Advantages I didn’t foresee were level walks around the village, close proximity to Macquarie Hospital and a Catholic Chapel next door.

I found the layout restful with attractive gardens, abundant trees, plenty of bird life and sun-trapped rest areas with plenty of ceiling. I leave the best for last – the staff are patient, friendly, efficient and helpful at all times. In short, I think I’ll stay.

Mick Leahy

The move surpassed our expectations, so thank you.

We moved to Leisure Lea from an independent unit in Maroubra. Even though it was a lovely unit we found we really needed extra care and help. We were relying on family far too much and this took away our independence. At Leisure Lea if we want to see the Doctor it’s easy, we make an appointment to see Dr Bob. If we need a hairdresser off we go downstairs to Lucy. The Podiatrist, Donna, is also available. This has given us some independence back.

The time in the dining room gives us the chance to socialise with others and this adds to our enjoyment at Leisure Lea. There are always activities to look forward to, the Divas on Demand being our favourite.

We can now relax, knowing that if there is an emergency someone is there to help. If Colin falls, and this does happen, someone is there to pick him up. We know that our unit will be cleaned, our sheets changed and Wendy or Rosie will be there to help in the morning.

What we love most is the way the staff members get along so well together to create a happy and caring place to live. Now when family members visit it’s for a chat, not to make us dinner or do work. The move surpassed our expectations, so thank you.

Kath and Colin

Our families are very happy for us

At the end of 2014 John and I decided to look for a suitable place to retire to, as our 3 bedroom villa and large gardens in Umina Beach were getting too much for us to maintain. Our families were too far away to visit at times, which was the reason we stopped looking for a Retirement Village on the Central Coast. Leisure Lea Gardens was on our list to look into around Sydney.
After a few months of looking, we got an invitation to morning tea at Leisure Lea Gardens which we accepted. From the moment we walked into reception, we felt this was what we were looking for. The management were very impressive, and in no time we were settled in. We love our apartment and have enjoyed every moment here. Our families are very happy for us and we see more of them now, and they agree that the staff and many of the residents that they have met make it a happy place to live.
The gardens are outstanding and the workers there are friendly and polite, so what more could we ask for? This week, 7th July, marks our first year here and hope for many more.
Thanks again Leisure Lea Gardens, Management and Staff.

Iris and John Skeoch

It seems no problem is too big or too small

When i first saw the unit that I am now living in, I said to my stepdaughter who had come with me, “I could live quite easily in this unit”. It already had something about it that I knew I would enjoy living here.

For one person there was plenty of room. The bedroom was large enough for a double bed, and I was able to have one provided through my step children. The wardrobe was large enough for my needs, and there was plenty of room in the adjoining en-suite.

I took up the offer pretty well immediately. I had to organise when I could move and the help and cooperation from the management was wonderful. We were made welcome whenever we came to check out small problems, and the help given to me and my daughter, my son, and my stepdaughter was first class.

I have been here now for a few months, and the help I receive from management is still top class. It seems no problem is too big or too small. Help from the maintenance people is always quick and thorough.

I have no qualms at all in recommending Leisure Lea Gardens to anyone looking for some where to spend their senior years.

Denis Dartnell

Instantly impressed!

Our first connection with leisure Lea Gardens was when we received an invitation to the Open Day early this year. We were instantly impressed with the welcome from staff, morning tea served, residents greeting us and being shown around by Juliet. We left there saying to each other “we could live there.” So into our ninth week of residency, here we are, all settled, no complaints and loving every minute. Thank you management and staff.

Iris & John Skeoch

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