A definitive and positive YES

Should we move into a partially completed Village? Questions raced through our minds. Is this what we really want?

The answer is a definitive and positive YES. We did the right thing moving when we did. A partially built village with only a few residents. These residents reached out to us, made us welcome and gave us the opportunity to do the same to those moving in after us. As new people moved in, we were able to get to know them individually and make them welcome in return. We had a much better chance to remember names in small batches.

It has felt like home since day one. We thought we would find it difficult after living in the same house for fifty two years. We have never given that house another thought. It has been exciting watching the Village grow around us and watching areas reach completion. It has given us more empathy and understanding of the teething problems which occur in a new complex. It has provided us with lots of new friends, opportunities for new activities and a new lifestyle which we love. One could never be lonely here at Flagstaff Hill. We love this village and are thankful every day for the opportunity given to us when we took this plunge. There’s plenty of life to be lived yet in this village.
Judy and Roger Oates

Flagstaff Hill

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