Truly blessed to live in such a happy place

Eleven years ago Wayne and I decided to make the move to Retirement Living. We looked from Port Macquarie down the coast to Forster, Nelson Bay and finally the Central Coast. We looked at a lot of villages and actually paid a deposit on Brentwood.
We were to meet with David Grassby however we rang him and advised of our decision on Brentwood. He then encouraged us still to come and have a look at Alloura, it was the best decision we have ever made. He showed us through the village and a unit he had in our price range. We walked in and even though it was to be refurbished we new we had found our forever home. Alloura Waters Village has a heart and soul, it’s home and when we drive up the driveway from wherever we have been, a warm and wonderful feeling takes over.
We have made so many true friends and really enjoy all the Social Activities provided by the Social Committee, we even have our own band. We also have a great bar which is patronised by many at our Friday and Saturday Happy Hours and boy do we get Happy!
We have many activities and our hard working Committee Members look after any issues should they arise.
Wayne and I often sit in our lounge room and know we are truly blessed to live in such a happy place, Our Home!

Carol and Wayne Peel

Alloura Waters

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