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(Updated 12th January 2022)

Living Choice has created this page to keep our residents, their families, our clients and staff members updated on the latest COVID-19 information. We revisit this page regularly to ensure the latest information is available.

We have also introduced an email address so that residents, staff members and clients can contact us with their questions. We’ll endeavour to reply to all questions within 24 hours.

Living Choice COVID Response Plan

Living Choice has a Covid Response Plan that is updated regularly. It is a lengthy document, however the following is important to note:

  • We have a Senior Management Team established to discuss and action all responses to the pandemic.
  • We monitor and action the latest advice from the Department of Health and the Public Health Directions from relevant State Governments in which LCA operates.
  • All visitors to our Villages and communal spaces are required to check in using the QR Code and to wear a mask. Our villages are well-stocked with hand sanitiser.
  • Where possible, our staff are set up to work remotely and to back each other up across the Villages.
  • Our staff are supplied with masks and we usually have N95 masks available for anyone who is a close contact with a confirmed case. Note: We are awaiting a further delivery.
  • We have full PPE for staff needing to support COVID-positive residents.
  • We have purchased Rapid Antigen Tests for our staff (unfortunately, some are on back-order and have not been delivered yet).

What to do if you test positive to COVID-19

If a resident tests positive to COVID-19, is a close contact with a confirmed case or has COVID-like symptoms, they are advised to quarantine at home for 7 days and return to community life when the Day 6 test result returns negative and asymptomatic.

  • They are advised to let the Village Manager know they are positive. Other household members should also quarantine.
  • The person with COVID should contact everyone they have been in close contact with. If they are too unwell, a partner or the Village Manager can assist to inform others on the person’s behalf.
  • If the person has been to a village event where a sign-in sheet has been used, the Village Manager will contact all the people who attended that event.
  • The Village Manager will arrange for any potentially affected communal areas to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • The Village Manager can support the person by phone, undertaking welfare checks if the person is vulnerable.
  • Living Choice Home Care can do shopping on the person’s behalf. There is a charge for this service.

Please wear a mask

As per the Government guidelines, masks are mandatory in all indoor settings, including the community centres at all Living Choice villages. They can be removed for drinking and eating (must be seated).

COVID-19 guidelines at Living Choice villages

To protect the safety of fellow residents and staff members, Living Choice residents are urged to avoid high risk situations where it is difficult to socially distance. If you have symptoms, or you have been deemed a close contact of a COVID-infected person, please isolate at home until you are able to be tested.

The guidelines at Living Choice villages have been set according to the restrictions announced by the NSW, SA and QLD Governments as at 12th January 2022.

NSW (1 person to 2sqm indoors)

Living Choice villages are following the State guidelines, which includes a mask mandate for indoor settings. Some social events are being held, however please remember that the density limit is one person per 2sqm indoors.

Everyone who enters the communal areas needs to wear a mask and sign in using the QR Code or sign-in register. Residents are requested to avoid visiting the office, if possible, and phone for assistance instead.

Masks must be worn on village buses.

To keep up to date with the latest announcements, see COVID-19 rules | NSW Government

QLD (1 person per 2sqm)

Masks are mandatory in all indoor settings. This includes the leisure centres. Unvaccinated people are not allowed access to some venues – see Public health and social measures from 17 December 2021 | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

The guidelines at Kawana Island and Twin Waters remain as follows:

  • All residents, visitors and suppliers must complete the visitor form or scan the Living Choice QR Code on arrival;
  • Masks must be worn in communal areas, unless you are eating or drinking (must be seated);
  • Applying the 1 person to 2sqm rule for all areas;
  • Water aerobics and other water sports permitted;
  • Bowling greens open;
  • Shopping bus trips continue, limit of 10 people – masks must be worn;
  • Libraries open, 1 person per 2sqm;
  • Woodwork room, 1 person per 2sqm;
  • Gymnasium, 1 person per 2sqm;
  • Snooker and table tennis open – social distancing applies;
  • Craft group meeting with social distancing;
  • Theatres open with social distancing measures – 1 person per 2sqm;
  • Tennis court at Kawana Island open;

To keep up to date with the latest announcements and cases, see Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) | Queensland Government (

SA (3 people to 4sqm indoors for non-hospitality, 1 person to 4sqm indoors for hospitality venues)

On 12th January, the SA Government announced that it would establish a collection centre in the southern park lands for COVID close contacts to pick up two free Rapid Antigen Tests from 13th January. It will be open from 7am to 9pm. Close contacts will have to go to the SA Health website, disclose how many people in their household are also close contacts, receive a receipt and then use that receipt to pick up the RATs from the collection site. More distribution sites will come online “over the next week”.

Restrictions remain for hospitality venues, gyms and home gatherings. Density requirements at cafes and restaurants are one person per 4 square metres indoors, and one person per 2 square metres outdoors. For non-hospitality venues (such as the Woodcroft leisure centre), the cap is 3 people to 4sqm indoors (seated). The home gathering cap is now 10 people.

As at 12th January 2022, South Australia remains under Level 1 restrictions with some additional restrictions. The following guidelines apply at Fullarton, Woodcroft and Flagstaff Hill:

  • Masks are mandatory in shared indoor public spaces, including the leisure centres, except when consuming food or drink.
  • All people entering the leisure centres must check in with the COVID App.
  • Social events at Woodcroft, Fullarton and Flagstaff Hill are being held according to the 1 person to 4sqm rule for indoors and 1 person to 2sqm rule outdoors.
  • Damien on Fisher Restaurant at Fullarton is functioning according to the 1 person to 4sqm rule indoors and 1 person to 2sqm rule outdoors.
  • The one person to 7sqm rule applies for gyms. If fitness classes are being held outdoors the density limit is 1 person to 2sqm.
  • The hairdressing salons at both Fullarton and Woodcroft are now open for business.
  • Shopping bus trips at Fullarton continue – 5-person limit.
  • The limit in a home is 10 people.
  • Libraries, theatres, workshops, craft rooms and snooker tables are open but the one person per 4sqm rule needs to be observed.
  • At both Woodcroft and Fullarton, the Wellness Centre services are open to both residents and the general public. Those providing services are wearing masks and following COVID-Safe protocols.
  • Home Care services continue as normal – please email Lesley Phillips if you need assistance.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are located in communal areas of the villages.

For more news about the State restrictions, see Current activity restrictions | SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19

Rapid Antigen Tests

As most residents are aware, Rapid Antigen Tests are currently in short supply. On 5th January, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that within two weeks, Rapid Antigen Tests would be free for all concession card holders with the kits to be handed out via pharmacies. Concession card holders will be able to access up to ten tests over a three-month period for free.

For information on PCR testing clinics near you, see:
NSW - COVID-19 testing clinics | NSW Government
SA – Testing for COVID-19 | SA Health
QLD - Testing and fever clinics — coronavirus (COVID-19) | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

Booster vaccinations

The Federal and State Governments are urging all those eligible to get their booster vaccinations to help curb the rapid escalation of COVID-19 cases. To book a booster shot, see Service Finder (

Vaccination stickers

Residents may wish to affix a “Fully Vaxxed” sticker to their name badges when visiting communal areas. If you have been fully vaccinated and would like a “Fully Vaxxed” sticker, they are available at all Living Choice village offices.

Check-In App reminder

A reminder to check in with the relevant Village Check-In App when visiting the communal areas, to ensure that contact tracing can take place. This applies to all Living Choice residents, their guests, suppliers and staff members.

Viewings by appointment

Fully vaccinated people or those with a medical exemption are welcome to inspect our homes at all villages. To ensure we keep our visitors, residents and staff safe, we ask that you phone ahead to make an appointment and wear a mask.

Remember, Living Choice staff members are here for you – email


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