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(Updated 23rd September 2020)

Living Choice has created this page to keep our residents, their families, our clients and staff members updated on the latest COVID-19 information. We revisit this page regularly to ensure the latest information is available.

We have also introduced an email address covid19@livingchoice.com.au so that residents, staff members and clients can contact us with their questions. We’ll endeavour to reply to all questions within 24 hours.


Rules at Living Choice villages 

As at 23rd September, the following guidelines are in operation at Living Choice villages and have been made in consultation with the relevant Village Chairperson.

(1.5m social distancing and government restrictions of one person to 2sqm apply)

As Damien on Fisher Restaurant is open to the public, COVID Marshalls have been introduced to comply with State guidelines. Restrictions are in place regarding dining numbers and indoor/outdoor dining.

  • At both Fullarton and Woodcroft, the pool and the gym are open for general use. Social distancing still applies. Group classes have also recommenced.
  • Gates at Woodcroft are open between 6.30am and 7pm
  • Shopping bus trips at Fullarton continue, maximum 5 people
  • Libraries open – square metre rule applies
  • Bowling green at Fullarton open - square metre rule applies
  • Workshop open – square metre rule applies
  • Snooker and indoor games have commenced with square metre rule
  • Outdoor activities such as vegetable gardens open to 2 persons at a time
  • Craft has recommenced with square metre rule
  • Theatre open with social distancing and square metre rule
  • Hairdresser has recommenced usual business
  • At both Woodcroft and Fullarton, indoor fitness classes have recommenced with square metre rule

NSW villages
(1.5m social distancing and government restrictions of one person to 4sqm apply.)

  • Happy hours at Living Choice Broadwater Court have resumed on Thursdays from 4pm until 6pm under strict conditions. No kitchen facilities are to be used or food distributed although residents can bring a plate for their own consumption. Social distancing must be followed. The maximum limits for each Stage are Tree view Estate – 25, Kincumba Mountain Estate – 22, Mountain View Estate – 30, Frost Estate – 6 and Waterfront Estate – 42.
  • At Alloura Waters, Happy Hours continue on Fridays and Saturdays, restricted to 28 residents to comply with the sqm rule.
  • Residents must please wear face masks when using village transport – bus or car. Shopping bus trips continue – check with your village for shopping days. At Glenhaven, the weekly shopping trips to Castle Hill and Cherrybrook have been suspended.
  • Living Choice staff members, carers, Home Care staff and Registered Nurses are all wearing face masks when visiting residents in their homes. The wearing of face masks is also encouraged when taking part in village activities.
  • Visitors and contractors who need to come through communal areas must report to Reception, to have their temperature checked, and fill out the COVID-19 form declaration or scan the QR Code on display at Reception. All contractors must wear masks when entering residents’ homes.
  • All residents should complete the registration sheet in the community centres or scan the QR Code at the entrance to the centre. This also applies to visitors who visit you at home.
  • If you need help with setting up home deliveries, please contact your Village Reception and they will assist you.
  • Hand sanitising stations have been set up in all community centres.
  • Some activities have restarted at Deepwater Court, adhering to the 4sqm rule, however no happy hours are being held at present.
  • The dining-room at Leisure Lea Gardens is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – social distancing applies.
  • At Leisure Lea Gardens, bingo and trivia have returned. Most other activities have resumed, except for happy hours due to the size of the lounge/bar area.
  • Libraries open, maximum 2 people.
  • Tennis court open (at Glenhaven) – visitors permitted.
  • Bowling green open, one person to 4sqm (at Glenhaven and Broadwater Court). Indoor bowls has recommenced at Glenhaven.
  • Hair salon open, one resident at a time.
  • Woodwork room, maximum 2 people, by roster. At Alloura Waters, the limit is 4 people due to the size of the workshop.
  • Gymnasium, by appointment – residents must wipe down equipment after use.
  • Swimming pools and spas open by appointment – some regular classes have recommenced. No visitors or children to use the pools and spas until further notice.
  • Snooker and indoor games have resumed (with social distancing).
  • Outdoor seating areas open (with social distancing).
  • Outdoor activities such as vegetable gardens open, one person to 4sqm.
  • Craft/art activities have resumed (square m2 rule to apply).
  • Leisure/community centres are open for the activities only and then residents must vacate. Glenhaven coffee machine open to residents.
  • At Alloura Waters, the Computer Group has resumed, capped at 24 people due to sqm rule.
  • Theatres open with social distancing measures.


(1.5m social distancing and government restrictions of one person to 4sqm apply, but in some smaller businesses, one person to 2sqm applies)

  • All residents, visitors and suppliers must complete the visitor form or scan the Living Choice QR Code on arrival.
  • Happy hour is continuing at Twin Waters but is capped at 30 people – social distancing applies
  • At both Twin Waters and Kawana Island, water aerobics and other water sports have recommenced
  • Happy hour has not yet recommenced at Kawana Island
  • Bowling greens open – social distancing applies
  • Shopping bus trips continue, limit of 10 people
  • Libraries open, maximum 2 people
  • Woodwork room, maximum 2 people by appointment
  • Gymnasium, maximum 2 people by appointment
  • Snooker and table tennis open – limit of 10 people
  • Outdoor activities such as vegetable gardens open, one person to 4sqm
  • Craft has resumed with social distancing
  • Theatres open with social distancing measures – limit of 10
  • Tennis court at Kawana Island open – social distancing applies

Latest State updates

With the situation changing frequently, it’s advisable to keep up with the latest rules in your State, check the State and Territory websites for the rules where you live. Here is a summary as at 23rd September.

From 24th September, the border restriction with New South Wales will be lifted. This means people entering South Australia from NSW from that date will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days.

People already in quarantine or those who arrived before 12.01am on 24th September will still have to complete the full 14-day quarantine period. People entering SA from NSW from 12.01am on 24th September are still required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration.

Since 16th September, people travelling to South Australia from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are also no longer required to self-quarantine for 14 days.


On 22nd September, the Premier announced that the State would open its border to 152,000 people in five NSW shires from 1am on 1st October. This includes the shires of Byron, Ballina, the City of Lismore, Richmond Valley, which includes Casino and Evans Head, and Glen Innes.

From 25th September 25, if no new cases emerge in the ACT before then, people can also enter QLD from the ACT. They won't have to quarantine when you arrive in Queensland, as long as you haven't been through a COVID-19 hotspot in the fortnight preceding your arrival.

Meanwhile, Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said if there continued to be very low or no new coronavirus cases in the state's southern neighbour, restrictions could be further relaxed from Friday 25th.To see the latest available information on border restrictions, see Border restrictions will change

As at 23rd September, no further announcements had been made regarding the relaxation of gatherings in both restricted and non-restricted areas. The Sunshine Coast is not a restricted area, which means that a maximum of 30 people may gather in private homes and public spaces. These limits do not apply to businesses operating under a COVID-Safe Plan. Unfortunately, Retirement Villages are not currently listed for COVID-Safe Industry Plans and therefore the maximum permitted at a gathering is 30.

COVID-Safe voting

Queensland’s State general election is on Saturday 31st October 2020. To ensure that all eligible Queenslanders have the opportunity to safely participate, early voting will start on 19th October.

The ECQ has opened postal vote applications early (from 14 September to 16 October) to allow more time for electors to apply. For more information about the State Election


On 20th September, the State Government announced its “COVID-Safe Summer Plan”. The Plan has five pillars which will help support the current public health orders, rules and regulations:

  • Marking out safe distancing in parklands and highly visited public spaces from the beginning of October;
  • Encouraging all beachgoers to ‘Keep a beach towel length between you’ (1.5 metres) and anyone not from the same household;
  • Running a COVID-Safe summer program of events in parklands and public spaces;
  • Encouraging local businesses to take advantage of outdoor dining;
  • Partnering with councils on a ‘new local’ campaign, to showcase alternative public spaces for the community to enjoy.

On 21st September, the State Government also announced it would work alongside the City of Sydney to support retailers, cafes, bars and restaurants to increase business opportunities over the summer months. The new initiatives include allowing more flexible outdoor dining and seating arrangements, establishing outdoor entertainment stages throughout the Sydney CBD and providing more flexible public transport options. Learn more at COVID Safe summer.

Living Choice QR Code Reminder

A reminder that Living Choice has introduced a QR Code for residents, their visitors, our clients and suppliers when they visit the village, including the communal areas. Everyone is required to register so that if necessary, the Department of Health can contact-trace everyone visiting on a particular day and time. Although registration forms are available at each village, it’s now also possible to scan the Living Choice QR Code using your camera on your smart device or QR Code Reader. These measures have been taken to ensure the safety as well as the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff.

Living Choice Kawana Island

Viewings by appointment

We are open for business! To ensure we keep our visitors, residents and staff safe, we ask that you phone ahead to make an appointment. To see what our residents say about life at their village during COVID-19, see https://www.livingchoice.com.au/news/


Living Choice Home Care

Apart from assisting residents with shopping, picking up medication and other chores, Living Choice Home Care can now offer services to people living in the surrounding suburbs.

Living Choice Home Care is an Approved Home Care provider and can offer a wide range of services, either on a user-pays basis or through a Government-subsidised Home Care Package. For more information about Living Choice Home Care, click here.

During COVID-19 restrictions, Living Choice’s Case Managers are keeping in contact with their clients to ensure they are safe and comfortable and have access to food, medicine and other needs. You can read more about our Home Care services and our prevention strategies here.

We are continuing to closely follow advice from the Department of Health, which is publishing useful information and situation updates on its website at www.health.gov.au  You can also call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.



To ensure that restrictions can continue to be eased, it’s vital that all residents download the Australian Government’s coronavirus app, COVIDSafe. The app is a public health initiative to help stop the spread of COVID-19 through early notification of possible exposure. The Retirement Living Council, including Living Choice, supports this initiative in an effort to keep our residents and staff members safe.

You can read the full explanation here.

Remember, Living Choice staff members are here for you – email covid19@livingchoice.com.au

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