Living Choice Woodcroft Construction Update – 6th February 2017
By Renato Obbiettivo, Project Manager

Visitors to Living Choice Woodcroft would have noticed that demolition of the existing northern annexe has started, paving the way to commence ground works to the new proposed Leisure Centre and associated car parking and civil construction works.

New sensitive underpinning of the existing 2 storey apartments has been completed along the western fa├žade and bulk excavation works have commenced within the proposed undercroft car parking areas within the new 2 storey link apartments.

Design documentation has been completed, allowing works to be procured and services to be redirected to enable new construction works, in particular existing fire, sewer and electrical services.

As at 6th February, demolition works is still underway and the site is being established with temporary hoardings and barriers to the site boundary, site office and amenities for on-site construction workers, temporary storage of construction materials and relevant signage.

The construction activities planned for the next 4 weeks are:

  • Demolition works
  • Relocation of existing services
  • Bulk excavation and site preparation
  • Progressing the precast shop drawings and structural steel shop drawings
  • Finalising the approval process of precast & structural steel shop drawings ready for fabrication
  • Progressing the electrical switchboard design and mechanical services design shop drawings

Safety & Environment

Vehicles are entering the site via Pimpala Road as their main travel path via two entrances.

Keeping the road and footpaths immediately surrounding the site clean will be of utmost importance to our team and contractors.

We will be liaising with our trade contractors to manage their movements to minimise the impact to local residents and adjoining streets.