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Fullarton celebrates 5th anniversary in style

Sandra Maynard reports - photos by Brian Lynch

On the fifth anniversary of the opening of Living Choice Fullarton the residents organised a birthday party to remember!

One hundred and thirty  four residents enjoyed a superb three-course dinner from Damien on Fisher, the in-house restaurant, which is also open to the public. Residents were delighted to welcome Living Choice Director Ian Tregoning and his wife Lisa to enjoy the festivities and for Ian to explain how he had the vision for this apartments-only village which is unique in Australia.

Local musician Will Metzer and his fourteen-piece Big Band,  plus the Foenander Brothers who made the finals in Australia’s Got Talent, entertained  the crowd who listened, sang along and danced the night away. The VIP guests Ian and Lisa were barely off the dance floor!

The birthday/Christmas celebration capped a wonderful year of events at Living Choice Fullarton and residents are looking forward to next year, living in a village very much for the UNretiring!