Fullarton Crafters

Lockdown does not deter Fullarton Crafters

Imagine the Living Choice Fullarton residents working for months, crafting home-made items for the annual 3-day Christmas Trading Tables, only to have it closed down after just one day! That was the daunting reality that the Fullarton Crafters had to face when the Premier announced the grim State-wide 6-day lockdown.

The Trading Tables were covered and the residents retreated to their apartments. When the lockdown ended three days early, organiser Helen Bonet sent out the call to residents to “man” their stations once again and the sale continued for another precious day. Amazingly, it raised $3,441, which will be donated by the Crafters to the Residents’ Fund. A raffle was also run in conjunction with the Trading Tables with monies raised donated to Orange Sky Laundry.

Helen said the most popular items were beautiful Christmas-themed bowties, ceramic bowl cosies, potholders, Japanese knot bags and of course, delicious cakes, biscuits and scones baked by the residents. Well done to all those who made items and supported the sale – at Fullarton, the show always must go on!